Five Steps to Find Your Stolen Jewelry

In 2011 the number of jewelry thefts increased by 57% according to With the increase of jewelry theft, it is becoming increasingly more important that you take the proper steps to recover your stolen goods.

Step 1: Contact The Police

As soon as you have verified that an important piece of jewelry has been taken from you, report it to the police immediately. This is important because even if you do locate your jewelry with one of the methods listed below, you will be hard pressed to get your jewelry back without legal help. It will also make things easier to get back your stolen goods if you have some sort of documentation of ownership whether it is a receipt for a distinct piece, or a picture of you wearing it.

Step 2: Check Local Pawn Shops

Most thieves will try to get rid of goods like jewelry quickly. This will lessen their risk of getting caught with it. Pawnshops are usually required to hold inventory for 15 days before they put it out for sale. This is for situations exactly like this one. This gives time to make sure goods aren’t stolen. Don’t just check the pawn shops around your neighborhood. It may be worth your while to check shops in nearby cities. If it’s not worth a drive you can at least give them a call to see if they have gotten anything matching your jewelry. After all not all criminals are dumb enough to use the shop right up the street.

 Step 3: Check E-bay

Check all the relevant sections of E-bay to see if someone has put up your jewelry. If you do come across a listing regarding your jewelry and you can prove it is yours E-bay will work with you to get the sellers information. Hopefully you will be able to get it before it is sold, but if you don’t get it resolved before the auction closes. You can contact the buyer, and you will need the police to help you get your goods back. Don’t just check once, there are tools to alert you when an item matching yours is put up on e-bay

Step 4: Check

This may seem just like Step 3. However Craigslist operates differently than E-bay. All you need to list something on Craigslist is an e-mail address. If you see a listing on craigslist that matches the stolen jewelry piece contact the police immediately, hopefully they will be able to set-up a sting operation to catch the thief, or at least subpoena craigslist for the posters information. Be sure to follow the rules from steps 2 & 3. Check cities that are close to you, and check more than once. You can use the same tools to watch craigslist. Under no circumstances should you attempt to get your jewelry back from the seller by yourself.

Step 5: Check Local Jewelry Stores

Most jewelry stores will buy jewelry from their patrons, and either gives them cash or some sort of trade. If you can  get to the jewelry store before the thief gets there to get rid of your jewelry, you may have some luck catching him or her. If he has already been there, you should still be able to get your jewelry back. However you may have to pay the jeweler what they paid the person who brought the jewelry.


So next time a valuable piece of jewelry goes missing, don’t panic, follow the steps listed above, and you will increase the chances of seeing your jewelry again.


Disclaimer: These methods is not full proof or guaranteed, the listed steps have been used to find stolen jewelry in the past. However there is no way to guarantee that you will find your jewelry.

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